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911 Critical-Call™ Phone

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Annual Service: $175.00

The 911 Critical-Call Phone from Emergency Phone Systems provides you with immediate savings over traditional pool-phone installations, allows use of the lowest phone rates, and provides you with headache-free maintenance to ensure compliance with the law and safety for your tenants and owners. You receive:

  • Digitally programmed auto-dial emergency telephone equipment
  • Enamel covered aluminum enclosure with bright red decals and a clear, plastic window—no glass that can cut bare feet
  • Preventive maintenance to ensure operational integrity and compliance
  • Toll-free number for service and any questions
Safety, security, simplicity, and economy to make sure that both friends and finances of your property are protected. Property managers have relied on the 911 Critical-Call Phone to protect their properties since 1991.

911 Critical-Call™ First Aid Station

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Annual Service : $195.00



The 911 Critical-Call First Aid Station is the property managers' system of choice. It provides the same safe, dependable 911 Critical-Call Phone equipment with the addition of all basic emergency first aid supplies and blankets required by state health departments and other agencies. The features of the 911 Critical-Call First Aid Station are:

  • Full 911 Critical-Call Phone installed in extended safety cabinet
  • All initial first aid supplies to meet state and local regulations
  • Toll-free number for service or additional supplies
  • Preventive maintenance to ensure operational integrity and compliance
  • No headaches, no hassles
Take advantage of the full-service simplicity of the 911 Critical-Call First Aid Station to increase the visibility of your pool safety measures and ensure protection for your tenants and owners.

911 Critical-Call™ Interrupt

Annual Service : $55.00

(Only available with full systems)



The 911 Critical-Call Interrupt provides a tremendous economical benefit, allowing you to confidently and affordably share an existing phone line with your 911 Critical-Call Phone equipment. If ever there is a need to make an emergency call, the 911 Critical-Call Interrupt will first interrupt any existing call on the other phone(s) sharing the line and reestablish the dial tone for the 911 call.

By including the 911 Critical-Call Interrupt in your system, you may easily see hundreds of dollars in savings each year. Remember, there is much more to the cost of your pool phone than simply having a phone. With one of Emergency Phone System's 911 Critical-Call Phone systems and a 911 Critical-Call Interrupt you cannot go wrong!


Portfolio Pool Phone Program

One of the marks of a great property management program is the ability to reduce overall costs while improving the quality and security of a property. But pool phones are a total headache. They are required by law, need specialized training to work with, and if not done correctly can put people and properties at risk. With our Portfolio Pool Phone Program we take care of everything.

First, we analyze your pool/spa phone needs for each property within our service area. We study the layout, review your phone bill, and provide you our recommendation for a safe, secure, and cost effective solution at each location. We then take care of everything by installing our 911 Critical-Call Systems, performing all future preventive maintenance, testing, and repairs, and usually doing all of this for less than it would cost you to do it yourself.

Each spring we perform annual inspections and make sure that all our equipment is working correctly. We send you a status report for your entire portfolio showing any repairs we performed, 911 system changes, and all upgrades that we provided. And when you add a new property to your portfolio, all you do is give us a call and we take care of your pool phone before it ever becomes a headache. So call now to get rid of that pain. Emergency Phone Systems, toll-free at (855) 316-4911.