Emergency Phone Systems

Legal issues and frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to have a pool phone?

A: If your property is in Washington State, you will need to have a phone within one (1) minute of any pool or spa that is not strictly at a private residence.

Q: Can't I just use a regular touch-tone phone and remove all numbers except for the 9 and 1 keys?

A: You could do that, but you would not have any protection against unauthorized calls. For less than $10 anyone can purchase a touch-tone dialer and use your phone to call anywhere they please. Our 911 Critical-Call Phones prevent any external dialing devices from stealing your telephone lines.

Q: What about the small, compact designed emergency call boxes?

A: In usability tests, people were instructed to quickly call for help due to a potential drowning. They instinctively looked for a telephone, even though a variety of other devices were near them. This was especially true for the young, the elderly, and residents from non-western cultures. These were situations where emergencies were only simulated. In an actual emergency, due to very real stress and emotions, we believe it would be even more critical to have a telephone device, like our 911 Critical-Call Phone Systems. Every year we replace call boxes and other low-cost devices with our equipment.

Q: We added a service to our telephone line that forces it to call 911 whenever our pool phone is lifted off the hook. Does your product have any advantage in this situation?

A: Yes. All of our telephone equipment auto-dial the 911 emergency operators servicing your property. If you must use a dedicated phone line, our equipment will let you take advantage of a much less expense telephone line for your service. You may also be able to share an existing line with our 911 Critical-Call Interrupt, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Q: Are there other locations, in additiona to pools and spas, where I should consider a 911 Critical Call Phone?

A: Absolutely. Many older adult communities that do not have pools but do have exercise facilities take advantage of our 911 Critical-Call Phones for added peace of mind for their residents, especially in facilities where cellphone coverage is often poor.