911 Critical-Call Interrupt

Manager's Operating FAQs

Your property has the Emergency Phone Systems' Critical-Call Interrupt, as part of your 911 compliance solution. Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What is the Critical-Call Interrupt?

A: It is a dedicated telephone switching device designed to interrupt any existing call on the line that it is connected to, clear the line, and gain access to the dial tone. The switch requires standard 110 volt electricity to provide non-emergency calls.

Q: How does the Critical-Call Interrupt work?

A: When someone picks up the receiver on your 911 Critical-Call Phone, usually located near your pool or spa, the Critical-Call Interrupt immediate clears any existing call and opens the dial tone to call 911. This only takes a couple of seconds. This paves the way for your 911 Critical-Call Phone to connect with emergency services. Once the receiver is replaced in the cradle and the 911 call ended, the phone line is once again available for other normal calls.

Q: What if there is a power outage to my Critical-Call Interrupt?

A: In the case of a power outage, the Critical-Call Interrupt is set to support the 911 Critical-Call Phone that is attached to it. If you have a VoIP (internet) phone line, then your internet router and supporting equipment would need to be on an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to ensure your systems are fully functional. And remember, if you unplug the Critical-Call Interrupt it will act as if there is a power outage…it only knows that there is no power coming to it, not why there is no power.

Q: What line is shared with the Critical-Call Interrupt?

A: It could actually be any active phone line at your property, but the order of preference by our installation technicians is first to share a fax line (since fax transmissions simply attempt to resend if their connection is broken), next would be to share a secondary line to your office, and last would be to share the primary line to your office. You can call Emergency Phone Systems at (800) 592-6707 and we will be happy to give you the phone number that our records indicate is being shared.

Q: Where is my Critical-Call Interrupt installed?

A: It may be in the room where all of your telephone services come into your building, or it may be in your office if that is where most of the telephone connections are made. It is usually installed on a wall, but occasionally it is with your telephone router, if you are using a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone service (for example, Comcast Internet Phone Service).