Emergency Phone Systems

Here is what we do for our customers

Emergency Phone Systems' equipment has protected apartment and condominium owners, managers and tenants since 1991. You see, emergency phones and first aid supplies are pretty much all we do...but we do it incredibly well. And with a dedication to provide the best 911 pool and spa phone solution in the Puget Sound area, we have worked hard to provide a great product with dependable service to support the needs of our customers.

Most states require that all public or semi-public pools and spas have telephone access to contact emergency medical and rescue services. Give us a call. We can assess your property's current complience and provide our innovative solutions to help you protect your people and usually reduce your pool phone costs.

Our 911 Critical-Call Systems are not for sale, which is great news for you

That’s right…our Critical-Call Phone Systems are not for sale. We lease our equipment to the properties that we serve. And because we own the equipment, any problem with it is OUR problem…not yours. We are always a quick toll-free call away to answer any questions or to request a telephone technician out for service. Plus, we schedule and perform regular preventive maintenance to ensure that everything is working correctly. You and your staff don’t need to worry about a thing.

We can support your entire portfolio of properties which offer recreational facilities

Many of the property management companies we serve entrust their entire portfolio of pool and spa properties to Emergency Phone Systems. With 25 years of experience, and a reputation for getting all issues resolved quickly and completely, property managers trust us year in and year out. We may already be serving one of the properties in your portfolio. We think that all of your properties deserve the attention that we can provide to support your recreational facilities.

Let us set you free from pool phone headaches

We can quickly assess the status of your pool phone installation and propose our professional, cost-effective solution to remove a logistical pain in the pool for you. Contact us for a consultation and estimate for any and all of your properties.